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British Military Plastic Cup

NSN 7350-99-120-7576


This little green cup has been the British squaddies best friend for many years as it has the uncanny ability to hold precisely the right amount of liquid to quench a soldiers thirst - 440ml. Uniquely designed to accept both hot and cold drinks with equal ease, this technical masterpiece was designed by the Military boffins to also reduce the number of injuries from cook house fights within infantry units.

These cups are brand new and ready to accept Tea, NATO Standard (white with 2 sugars). The tea is not included of course - well actually, 2 individually packaged British Tea Bags ARE included to get you on the way to full thirst quenched status. Coffee can also be drunk from these mugs but only in an emergency. They do hold beer nicely too, but never on duty!

Seriously though - this is a British military plastic cup

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