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Camo Form Protective Camouflage Wrap


Camo Form allows for camouflage flexibility and customization of a weapon or other equipment unlike any other product.

Camo Form helps protect from dust and debris thereby reducing overall equipment maintenance.

Roll size 2" wide by 12' length; enough to cover one average size weapon or similar.

  • Easy to Use Stretch Fabric
  • Clings to Itself, Not to Your Weapon or Gear and leaves no sticky residue
  • Provides Heavy Duty Protection
  • Quiets Loose Items and Gun Parts
  • Protects Hands & Improves Grip in Extreme Conditions
  • Conceals and Reduces Glare
  • Conforms to Any Object - Weapons, Knife Handles, Scopes, Binoculars, Flashlights, Sheaths, Ammo Clips and More!
  • Versatile - Hundreds of Uses.

Patterns available are now as follows: Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), US 3 colour Desert, Digital Desert, US Woodland, Digital Woodland, MULTICAM and Snow Camouflage.

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