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Military Anti-Microbial Protective Undershorts

NSN 8420-99-873-0157/8


These "Pelvic Protective Anti-Microbial" undershorts are designed to keep the wearer as comfortable as possible during high levels of activity. Comfort is achieved by fabricating the shorts from an ultra lightweight fabric. The fabric is treated with a finish which reduces the growth of odour producing bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus. The undershorts also feature improved universal compression and thermo-regulation of the fabric.

Suitable for everyday wear by men AND women, these undershorts are extremely comfortable for those working in high activity professions such as police officers and fire fighters as well as being a must have item for soldiers everywhere.

An added benefit of this garment is the 100% silk reinforcement incorporated into them. Silk has a strength to weight ratio similar to that of high tensile steel so whilst not quite "bulletproof boxers" these garments have been proven to reduce the severity of fragmentation injuries while keeping your nether regions cool and fresh.

These items are new and unworn of course.

  • Comfortable unisex design
  • Compression fit aids comfort
  • Silk reinforcement reduces injuries from fragments
  • Machine Wash and dry
  • Available in sizes small and Medium only

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